Search word is the word used to find a related site when entered into the search engine. When the user enters a word or a string of words the search engine uses those words to find a site where the words are appeared. Generally each word is considered separately in the string of words. The words which come twice in the entered string are counted two times. Hence, a site or an article on the web page is searched by the search engine where the entered words have appeared. T...

Find Whatever You Want - Use A Search Word

Find Whatever You Want - Use A Search WordSearch word is the word used to find a related site when entered into the search engine. When the user enters a word or a string of words the search engine uses those words to find a site where the words are appeared. Generally each word is considered separately in the string of words. The words which come twice in the entered string are counted two times. Hence, a site or an article on the web page is searched by the search engine where the entered words have appeared. The information on the basis of words is extracted from the web browser. The web browser presents the information about the latest URLs on the request. This information is called as the referrer. The list of sites and web pages appearing on the search engine after the request is due to this referrer. The search engine has the section of search word. The user needs to feed the representative words so as to search for the article or information. The search engine searches in the database for full text lying in the server. The search engine cannot search for the websites or links to the web pages which are not present on the server. Also the web page that is linked to some other web page can only be found out by the search engine.There are three types of "search word" . The first type is Boolean search. In this the search engine searches for the exact words that are entered. To shorten the searched results one can add some articles such as AND, OR and NOT. When AND is put in between two words, the search engine will search for both the words during the search. When OR is put along with the search words, one of eth two search words will appear in the search results. When NOT is put in front of some search word, that means the search word should appear in the search results. Another type of search word is concept search. In this when the user enters a search word, the search engine searches for the words as well as the related concept. For example if the user puts the search word as 'law', then the web pages containing the word 'law' will appear in the result. Along with this, related terms such as 'legal' and 'lawyer' will also appear in the result. The third type is pattern. In this type the when the searching word is entered; the search engine looks for the term entered as well as the words with similar spelling. Sometime the words with similar spellings have different meanings. In that case the pattern type of "searching word" is useful.There are some additional techniques for better results when the searching word is entered. If the searching word is put along with an asterisk, the search engine will look for the results along with the plural of that word. So if the user wants to know the plural of a particular word, he can go for this technique. To limit the search one can enter the searching word accompanied by date, place or any other particular thing. A Boolean search surely helps to limit the search.

Log File Analysis and SEO

Log File Analysis and SEO

If you own or manage a website, you are probably already aware of the importance of your log files or site statistics. Such data can give you insights about your site's usability, errors in your HTML code, the popularity of your site pages and the type of visitors your site attracts. But did you know it can also highlight the success or failure of your search engine optimization campaign?

There is specific data about your web site that you should be looking at in your log files on a regular basis. Several variables should be examined monthly or even weekly to ensure your site design and page optimization is on the right track:

1. Entry Paths

Most sites can be developed and analysed around the concept of visitor pathways. If, for example, your site is a Business to Business (B2B) site and you service small, medium and large businesses, there should be pathways through your site designed for each class of visitor. An extremely simplified example would be:

Clients coming to the site through an optimized home page:

home page ---> small business page ---> order page ---> order confirmation page
home page ---> medium business page ---> order page ---> order confirmation page
home page ---> large business page ---> order page ---> order confirmation page

The site entry pages for these pathways are often optimized home pages or optimized content pages. The final page of this route is often the action that you want clients to take on your site (e.g., sign up for your newsletter, buy your products online or contact you for further information). You can easily determine how effective your pathways are by tracking the entry paths on a regular basis via your site stats.

You should have some idea of the main pathways that clients take through your site, both for monitoring the effectiveness of your page optimization and conversions, and for the purpose of subsequent site redesign(s). A good starting point to track the pathways through your site is via the graph or chart called "Entry Paths" in your log files / site statistics.

2. Top Exit Pages

These are pages from which most visitors click away from your site. Why is it useful to track these? Because exit pages can tell you:

a. If there is a technical problem with the page that is causing visitors to leave your site. For example, if there are broken links, or the form on the page is not working properly etc.

b. If your site design is breaking the strategic pathway, for example, you may have links to external sites that are inducing clients to click away before buying your product or signing up for your newsletter.

c. If there is something on these pages that is encouraging visitors to leave your site. For example, an unprofessional design or confusing layout.

In your log files / site statistics, the graph or chart called "Top Exit Pages" is the place to learn why visitors are leaving your site.

3. Single Access Pages

These are entry pages that are viewed once before the visitor clicks away from your site. Similar to Top Exit Pages, Single Access Pages can tell you a lot about why people are not staying on your site for long.

Have a close look at the search terms used to find your site. Single Access Pages can often indicate that your target search terms are too broad. For example, you may be getting a lot of traffic by targeting "printer cartridges" but if you only stock a particular brand of cartridge, then people seeking other brands are not going to find what they truly seek when they arrive at your site so they will leave immediately. This can be resolved by narrowing down your search terms to be more targeted and focused on your niche products and services, for example, by changing "printer cartridges" to "HP printer cartridges" and so on.

To see what pages of your site are viewed once, look for the graph or chart called "Single Access Pages" in your log files / site statistics.

4. Most Requested Page(s) and Top Entry Pages.

Tracking these pages is key to measuring the success of your SEO campaign. If your optimization is effective, the Top Entry Pages and Most Requested Pages should be those that you have optimized for target keywords. The Top Entry Pages are particularly relevant as you consider the pathways through your site. Do the most popular entry pages have any relationship to the start pages for your plotted visitor pathways? Or are visitors entering and navigating your site via ways you didn't intend? You can use this information to continually tweak your page optimization to guide visitors to the right pathways.

To see your most requested pages, look for the graph or chart titled "Most Requested Pages" in your log files / site statistics. Also look for "Top Entry Pages".

5. Page refreshes

Why are visitors refreshing pages on your site? Are the pages not loading properly? The "Page Refreshes" variable is another one to monitor on a monthly basis via your site stats to ensure that there are not site usability issues for visitors.

6. Referring Domains and Referring URLs

Where are your visitors coming from? Are they coming from sites that are linked to yours? Are blog authors or forum members talking about your site? Referring Domains will tell you what sites are linking to yours, while Referring URLs will list the actual pages where the links are located. These can be little gold mines because you can often find valuable sources of traffic via links to your site that you didn't even know existed.

In terms of an SEO campaign, these links can all add to your site's overall link popularity, an important factor in the ranking algorithms of many search engines, particularly Google. Monitoring these metrics can tell you if your site requires a link-building campaign or help you measure the effectiveness of various online and offline advertising campaigns.

In your log files / site statistics, Look for the graph or chart titled "Referring Domains" and "Referring URLs".

7. Search Engine Referrals

How many of your visitors are coming directly from search engines? What percentage of overall traffic does this represent? This is a good variable to track to help you keep up with how many search engines are listing your site (both free submission and paid submissions), how much traffic they bring and whether to renew your paid submissions. It can also tell you whether you need to increase the number of search engines your site is submitted to in order to build on your link popularity. As a a very rough guide, you should be receiving at least 30 percent of your site traffic via search engine referrals.

To see search engine referrals, look for a chart or graph called "Search Engines" within your site statistics.

8. Search Phrases

This topic is related to search engine referrals generally, but gives added insight into what terms you were actually found for in the search engines. Do these terms match what your site was optimized for? Are there any surprising terms that you might want to develop site content for? Some log file analysis programs will even break down what specific phrases your site was found for in which particular search engines. The more detailed the data you have, the more closely you can tweak your optimization campaign to your precise market.

To see the search phrases your site was found for, look for "Search Phrases" or "Search Phrases by "Search Engine".

9. Landing pages for Pat-Per-Click Campaigns, etc.

If you run a pay-per-click campaign or dedicate specific pages to advertising product specials, you may use special landing pages or tracking ids to monitor your traffic and conversions. Your site logs can help you track these by showing you how many visitors they each had and what they did after they visited those pages.

10. Metric values that show a radical change from developing trends

Any site metrics that show a dramatic change from one month to the next could pin-point a problem with your site or with your optimization campaign. For example, if your search engine referrals have dropped dramatically, it could indicate that you have been penalized in a search engine (or more than one). Noticing changing trends early gives you the chance to investigate problem areas and make adjustments if necessary.

Please note that all log file analysis and site statistics programs are different and use slightly different terms to describe the metrics listed above. If you're confused, ask your site admin or hosting provider to highlight these for you.

Remember, your log files are gold mines filled with nuggets of information about your optimized web site. If you keep digging on a regular basis, you'll eventually strike it rich with success.

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In Step With New Technology: Cool Collaboration Tools And Snap Decisions

In Step With New Technology: Cool Collaboration Tools And Snap Decisions

Business or not, most decisions must be made in a snap. Now what if you're still using the old technology of distributing emails and waiting for responses from co-workers and clients, or even your friends and relatives? Youll be missing some opportunities if you're not using collaboration tools that go with web conferencing.Quick, Your Answer Please!Working with a non-profit organization and seeking donors for special projects? Sometimes it can be a problem if you just can't be available when they are. Time and money is wasted if you are after fast decisions from donors who happen to be on the move all the time. With "collaboration tools" , you can reach them through their mobile phones.When the donor wants to share a file, you can immediately upload different types of files. You can also share these files with those interested to review what you have to say before they send your organization the checks to fund meals for the homeless and children living on the ghettos. In this type of venture, every minute counts, that's why you need collaborative tools on the ready.Not only can you reach your donors, but you can add more color to your social life. You can show off pictures and files because of voice and chat features afforded by conferencing tools for virtual conferencing or meetings. No need to hop on a plane or squeeze through traffic just to reach the meeting place.The technology is indeed an amazing one. Whoever thought one would be able to talk to people scattered all over the globe at the same time without incurring stupefying telephone bills and sending files through snail mail or the expensive cargo forwarders? No more nail-biting and sleepless waiting for replies or decisions. You have the answers you need in real time.File Sharing Can Command Instant DecisionsCollaboration tools make it convenient to share different types of files. All you have to do is prepare the files you want shared with prospective donors, clients, co-workers, or friends. During these virtual meetings, you have the luxury of threaded discussions and drag and drop file sharing. All these features provide the best environment for brainstorming and working out strategies or wrapping up deals.Information can be disseminated quickly if you are using the more sophisticated conferencing tools, such as quick consensus building, online chat rooms, prioritizing and voting, discussing action plans, website maintenance, and administration of website content.You'll be helping other workers meet deadlines via the web by sharing files too. So in shopping for collaboration tools, make sure you know the needs of your organization. Whether you handle big or small conferences online, a smart choice of collaboration tools will render you savings in both time and money because decisions need not hang in the balance.The ultimate trick is up your alley. You've got to have the best presentations that are not tedious, difficult to follow, and outdated. Like other organizations vying for donation, you have to tap your reservoir of creativity in coming with ingenious presentations.You have to be original and be able to present new ideas. The better presentation of old ideas always sell. When you've got the collaboration tools, better be armed to the teeth with all those strategies to cop the biggest donation ever.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

MCSE is a widely known certification provided by Microsoft Corporation and stands for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers. This certification provides a qualitative impetus to your resume in the Information Technology field. MCSE engineers are known to get good offers financially compared to other engineers of equivalent education.The certification qualifies a person to analyze the business requirements and find solutions in information systems, and the individual is able to design and implement the infrastructure required. MCSE is available in two streams Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. Both the streams have different sets of examinations. The certification is suitable for most engineers and analysts and is especially suitable for systems engineers & analysts and Network engineers & analysts.The objective of MCSE is to provide the individual with knowledge such as:Pin pointing the tasks involved in supporting Windows 2000/2003 networks.Knowing the network concepts and how to implement it in Windows 2000/2003.Gaining the knowledge of how to configure Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Professional on stand-alone computers and on client computers, and to install configure windows 2000/2003 Server.Gain the knowledge and skills in designing a Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 directory service and infrastructure.MCSE Windows 2000For MCSE 2000 certification the candidate has to pass seven exams. The exams include four operating exams, one design exam and two electives. The subjects span syllabus such as installing, configuring and administering Windows 2000, implementing & administering Windows 2000 Network and Windows 2000 infrastructure.MCSE Windows Server 2003For MCSE Windows Server 2003 certification, the candidate must qualify seven exams. The exams include four networking exams, one client operating system, one design exam and one elective exam. The syllabus includes network infrastructure & security, SQL server, active directory, Microsoft products etc.TRAININGMCSE training is very intensive, time consuming and requires a lot of hard work. Many aspirants are not able to appear exams in the stipulated time. There are many ways to prepare for the examinations such as MSCE classes, boot camps, online study guides and practice exams. Many candidates prefer to approach local MCSE training centers. These training centers help the candidates in course work and practical sessions professionally and help the candidates in exam and career oriented study.The candidates must be aware of the practical applications, Microsoft products and services since the aspirants face multi-level testing on design implementation and administration skills in Microsoft Windows platform.BENEFITS OF MCSEMCSE is the most specialized certifications available today. It provides industry recognition and expertise in Microsoft products and technologies. As per Fairfield Research survey on MCSE, the certification provides a 12.6% rise in salary on an average. MCSE holders can also directly access technical and product information from Microsoft through the MCP Member site. There are spinoff benefits such as invitation to Microsoft conferences, technical training sessions and special events etc.

Get Paid Consumer Products For Surveys Done?

If you were searching for terms like consumer product, free paid surveys of america', you are likely looking for a list of companies that offer them. If so, read on before deciding on which paths to take.Online surveys typically pay between five and up to seventy-five dollars for each one you fill out.Not only that, but many people dont know that you can even get paid to play games, and you can play them for an unlimited number of hours.On top of everything else, you are often sent five dollars for each person you refer to the website, and in turn, also receive money based on the work that they complete as well.You can turn your time into dollars when you are filling out online surveys, as well as get free movie tickets just to give your review of the movie that you watched. Isnt it cool that you can go to the movie theatre for free to see the newest coming releases?The good thing is that there are free, high paid surveys for all ages, and is not limited to certain age groups. Everyone has a chance to make extra money from the comfort of their own home. This is easy to accomplish when you take online surveys and earn extra cash, not to mention help improve the quality of products companies are going to produce.So if you're still looking for 'c "onsumer product" , "free paid surveys of america" ' your best bet is to source for a quality database of consumer product companies specializing in using online surveys for getting opinions.There are certainly many good paying surveys that can be found where you can answer for either cash or free products. The problem however, is that it takes too much time to track down the good ones that pay well. The key is to get your hands on a good list of such companies from a reliable source.

Ecommerce Software: Get More By Paid Subscription

Money will always come first when putting up commercial websites, so you need dependable ecommerce subscription software to root your business into, there are simply endless options, but think of what you need and a little knowledge and know-how about how the internet works would be of great help in the process. Constantly, the market is evolving, sculpting better quality of services, feasibility, usefulness and other things that matter. Getting the most out of software's are easy when you have the right know-how on how the system works. A crash-course on HTML and basic website management would be fine to understand the essence of web management software's. Getting a paid subscription site is one of the ways you can get revenue in an online business. There are considerably many things to consider upon being as a member-only service and such. Taking into account a paid subscriptionA subscription website is differentiated in two ways, subscription membership and a member ship website. A subscription membership is where you to go a site and input your pass area, usually with a payment, this allows exclusive content only for paid membership, typically, these type of membership offers video downloads, audio and all other software's that come along with it. A membership website is where you need to register but there is no money involved; this is common to most of the popular sites that offer free content. However, on this kind of membership, you can offer a lot of things such as paid subscriptions too, offers and a lot of things that can support a give business niche. This is traditionally successful, with all the regular non-paying members, there are likely some people that will opt for a paid subscription, making the part only an option, thus making more revenue, this is a typical strategy being used by an ecommerce subscription software. Alternatively, subscription membership can also pass along offers but is a little awkward considering they are already paying for the services. This will definitely end up to you, but a membership website is the way to go. OffersHaving to obtain more revenue is one of your priorities; paid subscriptions don't happen spontaneously, they need serious attention to do so. You can configure your ecommerce subscription software to analyze and take action on what you need to do whilst running your site.Enticing customers is a good thing, there are successful websites that offer a free-preview or a test drive of products to convince an apparent paid member. Letting them watch a portion of videos you are selling, letting them download some of the contents for free, and also giving them huge boost on freebies and many more limitless things to offer just to attract them. However, you also need to consider the amount of content you are giving away for free, this is critical when customers may want to see more first rather then go for paid content, you can always asses them by monitoring your website traffic and patching things up to make sure there will be probably paying customers.Taking advantage on offers with good customer supportIf a website is offering any service, it should also consider a good customer support to make sure things are going as planned. On an e-commerce business, subscription software will take care of the things your customer needs, having to configure them correctly to cater specific needs are also crucial from sending emails, special offers and such.


Search word is the word used to find a related site when entered into the search engine. When the user enters a word or a string of words the search engine uses those words to find a site where the words are appeared. Generally each word is considered separately in the string of words. The words which come twice in the entered string are counted two times. Hence, a site or an article on the web page is searched by the search engine where the entered words have appeared. T...